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By August 25, 2023July 11th, 2024Insurance

Over the last several years, we have written a number of articles on subjects we hope might interest you and also help in your ministry.  These articles are intentionally written to be brief and an easy two to three minutes read and we try to add new content a couple of times each month.  

You may not be aware, but these are also stored on our website.  Simply find the “Resources” tab at the top, scroll down and click on “Articles”.  There you can find articles by category, a summary of the most recent articles written, or you can easily search by desired topic by clicking on the small magnifying glass in the top right-hand corner.

On this publication, we wanted to provide you with a compiled list of these articles by Subject and Article Title as an additional reference.  We appreciate your interest.

Subject Article Title
 A/C Units – Theft Of   Preventing The Theft Of Your A/C Units (i.e. copper theft) 
 Copper Theft   Preventing Copper Theft 
 Background Checks/Sex Abuse   Background Checks Are Not Enough 
 Background Checks  Background Checks; What Every Organization Should Know 
 Background Checks/Sex Abuse   Background Checks Alone May Not Protect You 
 Basketball Goals   Basketball Goals In The Church Parking Lot 
 Bounce Houses   Bounce Houses:  Let’s Keep Them Safe and Fun 
 Bounce Houses   Understanding Inflatable Use And Safety 
 Building Usage   Building Usage 
 Building Usage   5 Building Usage Practices To Implement Now 
 Building Usage   Building Usage: Essential Components Of A Building Use Agreement 
 Business Income/Extra Expense   A Guide To Helping You Better Understand
 Communication   Silos In Your Ministry 
 Construction   Planning To Build?  Some Things To Consider 
 Crime – Financial Safeguards   Financial Safeguard Test 
 Crime – Fraud (EE Dishonesty)   Church Fraud:  “Don’t You Trust Me” 
 Crime – Fraud   Fraud/Embezzlement Prevention In The Church 
 Cyber Liability   Keep Your Cyberspace Safe 
 Cyber Liability   5 Reasons Your Church Should Consider A Cyber Policy 
 Cyber Liability   Should We Budget For Cyber Liability? 
 Cyber Liability   Cyber Liability Update and Simple Ways To Protect Yourself 
 Daycare   Separation of Church and Daycare 
 Daycare Accident Plans   Accident Policies For Mid-Week Childcare Programs 
 Defibrillators   Should We Have An AED? 
 Drones   Drones:  An Emerging Risk! 
 Electrical Safety   Electrical Safety 101:  Overloading Circuits 
 Emergency Preparedness   Are You Prepared For A Medical Emergency? 
 Employment Practices Liability   Document, Document, Document! 
 Employment Practices Liability   Hire “At Will” – Terminate “For Cause”  
 Employment Liability   Employment Liability; Is your Church At Risk? 
 EpiPen Protocols   EpiPen Protocols For Kids/Youth Ministry
 Fall Festival   Trunk or Treating: 10 Tips to Help You Plan A Successful Event 
 Fire   Minimize Fire Risks At Your Church 
 Fireworks   Fireworks Safety 
 Flood   Commercial Flood Coverage and New Options 
 Foreign Travel   Foreign Mission Travel – Are You Covered? 
 Golf Carts   Operating Golf Carts 
 Home Groups   Home Groups; Risk To Consider When Hosting Home Groups 
 Hurricane Harvey   Lessons Learned From Harvey 
 Inland Marine   Understanding Inland Marine Insurance 
 Insurance  Understanding Your Insurance Policy
 Insurance   Understanding Insurance Terms 
 Insurance Church Insurance In Turbulent Times!
 Insurance Seeing Your Insurance With A New Purpose
 Insurance  Protecting His Ministry; An Insurance Perspective 
 Kitchen Fires   Extinguish Fire Risk In The Kitchen 
Legal 11 Reasons Your Church May Need A Lawyer 
 Mission Trips   Mission Trips 
 Negligence – The Big 3   Negligent Selection, Retention, Supervision 
 Playground   Playground Safety 
 Photos; Posting of Photos   What To Know Before You Post Those Photos 
 Prayer Lists   Prayer Lists 
 Release Forms    Release Forms 
 Retention Ponds   Reducing The Risk of Retention Ponds 
 Risk Management   Focus On A Culture Of Risk Management 
 Risk Management   Protect Your Ministry In A Changing Environment 
 Safety/Security   Safety Plan Essentials 
 Security   Protecting His Ministry; An Insurance Perspective 
 Security Cameras   Reasons Your Church Should Consider Security Cameras 
 Service Animals   Allowing Service Animals 
 Sexual Misconduct   Working With Youth:  Sexual Misconduct 
 Sexual Misconduct   Crisis Communication 
 Sexual Misconduct   The Numbers Behind Sexual Abuse 
 Social Networking   Does The Church Have Exposure For Internet/Social Networking
 Storage Closet/Electrical Room   Does Your Electrical Room Double As A Storage Closet? 
 Suicide   Addressing Suicide Threats Within The Church 
 Summer Activities   Are You Ready For Summer Activities? 
 Sunday School Safety   Sunday School Safety 
 Texting   Texting Precautions 
 Top 5 Risks   Tops 5 Risks Faced By Nonprofits 
 Transportation   15-Passenger Vans:  Still Dangerous After All These Years? 
 Transportation   Resources For Safer Transportation 
 Transportation   Summer Vehicle Use and Recommendations 
 Transportation  Transportation Safety: Creating A Safer Price For Ministry 
 Transportation   Vehicle And Driver Safety 
 Transportation   Who Drives For You Matters
 Transportation   Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention 
 Umbrella Liability   Umbrella Liability Limit – How Much Is Enough?
 VBS   VBS Safety Tips 
 Workers Comp   Churches and Worker’s Comp:  Myths Vs. Facts 


Gary Benson

Gary Benson has been an agent for over 40 years, primarily serving churches and nonprofits. He is the agency principal for The Woodlands, TX office of Insurance One.