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Reasons Your Church Should Consider Security Cameras

By February 7, 2023June 5th, 2024Property, Safety Articles

A parent accused a teacher of “getting rough” with their teen – video from a church security camera inside the room proved the accusation wasn’t exactly as reported.

A child fell on the playground and a parent questioned how that happened.  Church security camera footage was accessed to show exactly what happened and calm an otherwise nervous parent.

A church elected to install security cameras in classrooms of minor age students and while there has never been a questionable incident reported, both parents and teachers speak highly of the precautions taken by the church.

When injuries, theft, or other incidents occur, camera footage can help account for or justify what actually happened.  In a world where such technology is easily available and increasingly affordable, it’s something most churches should consider investing in. 

Here Are 6 Reasons Your Church Should Consider Investing In Security Cameras.

  1. Reduce Criminal Activity: Church cameras have been known to be an effective deterrent to prevent crime.  Criminals often look for less secure facilities and may avoid buildings with alarm systems or surveillance cameras.  
  2. Peace of Mind for Parents: Parents can view the footage from daycare cameras remotely, which can provide them with reassurance that their child is safe and well-cared for while they are away.
  3. Resolve Disputes: Cameras in classrooms where minors meet can be helpful in resolving disputes and can also provide an additional layer of protection against false claims or allegations.
  4. Provide Remote Access: When an alarm is triggered, those with access to the security camera’s video feed can look and see if there is any potential criminal activity.  If so, they can alert the police who can make the responding call a priority.  Remote access can also be helpful if you need to remotely access your building in terms of severe weather to access any possible damage.
  5. Catch Car Thieves: While not commonplace, there is the possibility of car break-ins or outright theft during church services.  Whether it’s taking action to ward off someone behaving suspiciously or catching someone in an illegal act, church cameras allow you greater capacity to secure your parking lots.
  6. Risk Management Recognition: While most insurance carriers may not apply a specific credit for security cameras, they are recognized as an effective risk management tool and are looked upon very favorably. 

You should always consult with a company specializing in this type of industry to know the types of cameras available to you and which ones are best to achieve your intended purpose.  That company should also be versed in knowing the ideal camera placements and also areas to avoid so as to not violate privacy laws.  It’s also a good idea for the security company to post various signs noting that security cameras are in use. 

On a final note, while the intent of this article is focused on cameras used for security purposes, please allow us to remind you that anytime you are using cameras in your worship facility, streaming services, etc. it’s a good idea and highly advisable to post signs making people aware of this.