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Drones : An Emerging Risk!

The drones are here! We are beginning to get questions about covering drones that ministries are purchasing for photography and video purposes.  Please do not purchase a drone for your ministry until you visit with your insurance advisor regarding the exposures and insurance costs.

Drones: An Emerging Risk!

Let’s Break This Down:

Drones are not generally covered under your current general liability policy. The “aircraft exclusion” is somewhat ambiguous so insurers have now issued an “unmanned aircraft exclusion.”  If it is not on your policy I can assure you it is “coming soon to a policy near you.” :)

The remedy is that the ministry has to purchase a separate liability policy to cover the drone. We are finding that these policies are starting in the neighborhood of $1,000 premium annually.  New laws have come out that regulate the operator licensing requirements according to the size of the drone, etc.  Be aware that the insurance policy will always exclude coverage if the operation of a drone is violating a law or the operator is not properly licensed.

The main exposures that need to be covered are:

  • Bodily injury resulting from a drone
  • Invasion of Privacy
  • Property Damage liability should the drone damage someone else’s property

Just a heads up when counting the cost of a drone to add in the annual liability premium too!

Comment below or contact us if you have any questions about drones!