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5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs a Cyber Policy

By October 7, 2016Liability

Experts are warning that smaller organizations, including churches and nonprofits, increasingly fall victim to cyber crimes and other online challenges.  Last year, hacking incidents reached a nine-year high.  Cyber threats are constantly involving and the threat ever increasing. This is pretty simplified, but here are five reasons you need to consider a Cyber Liability policy.

5 Reasons Your Ministry Needs A Cyber Policy

  1. Social Media – Via Facebook, Blogs, and even ministry websites, new avenues are created for libel, slander, unauthorized use of photos, copyright infringement, etc.
  2. Breaches – Computer breaches (via the work of hackers or the loss of sensitive information via stolen or lost laptops, tablets, or smartphones) can be expensive.  Forty-eight states have privacy and data breach  laws and numerous  federal laws.
  3. Cyber Extortion – An attack or threat of attack coupled with a demand for money to avert or stop the attack.
  4. Cyber Crime is Growing Rapidly
  5. Coverage Gap – Perhaps one of the biggest reasons to consider a Cyber Policy; cyber liability events are generally not covered under most liability policies and any cyber coverage that might be automatically included as a coverage extension is highly limited in coverage.

The risk is real and growing so it’s prudent to protect yourself and your ministry.  Click here for more information on what our Cyber Liability policy would cover and you may also click for a quote request.